Three Days to Save the World…

Only Three People to Help…

Three Lessons to Learn


Is there literally a prescription for happiness?   Darius McPherson has only three days and three friends to save the world from the people and the creatures who would have us believe that a new antidepressant is the key to the treasure chest of happiness and success.

 “…enjoyable writing and pace.”

Kirkus Discoveries Book Review

“Three Days to Darkness is a fast-paced, vivid read that incorporates all the elements of a superior mystery, thriller, and fantasy. It’s certainly not a portrait of a predictable afterlife, a conventional Heaven, or a banal post-life mission. All these facets merge to create a uniquely involving story blending amusing moments with engrossing encounters between disparate forces; each with their own special interests and agendas.”

Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Three Days to Darkness Is Now Available in eBook and Paperback Formats

Is There Literally A Prescription For Happiness