When Jacob Cassel and his telepathic AI companion discover a dead body on a lonely Florida beach, it is only the beginning of an adventure that holds the fate of our world and the destiny of other worlds in the balance.

Each book in The Silver Sphere series is “free-standing.” You can read these books in any order. The author provides enough background information in each novella to orient readers to the characters and other relevant details.

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When Jacob Casell stumbles upon a shiny silver sphere on a deserted Florida beach, it’s the beginning of a real-life adventure that even his fertile novelist’s mind could ever have imagined.

Available on Amazon and all major online retailers.

MICROMIUM: Clean Energy From Mars

A rare ore discovered on Mars promises to be the solution to the energy and environmental crisis on Earth.

eBook, Paperback, and Audio formats on sale NOW.

Available on Amazon and all major online retailers and

Blood is the Nectar of Life

A one night stand thrusts Devon Furst into the arms of a beautiful vampire lover, leaving him with a terrible choice: death or eternal life as a vampire.

Available on Amazon and all major online retailers

Is There Literally A Prescription For Happiness

Is there literally a prescription for happiness? Darius McPherson has only three days and three friends to save the world from the people and the creatures who would have us believe that a new antidepressant is the key to the treasure chest of happiness and success.

Available on Amazon and all major online retailers

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